Welcome to mySHAPE.org.uk

July 18, 2016 2:01 pm

We are very excited to present our first news piece and to launch our new website mySHAPE.org.uk. Our goal is to bring you helpful information to support healthy lifestyles for individuals within mental health services and to provide information about programme developments in your area. Our team are passionate about improving the physical health of patients within mental health services and have created the mySHAPE.org.uk as a resource for:

  • Service users providing practical advice and strategies on managing individual physical health issues.
  • Carers providing useful information to promote and support healthy lifestyles within the family, including tips and advice on supporting physical and mental well-being.
  • Health care providers by providing free access to all SHAPE programme materials to deliver the intervention to your local service area.

The website includes information on how to improve mental wellbeing, tips on healthy eating, advice on substance use, maintaining healthy relationships and exercise recommendations specifically for individuals experiencing mental health difficulties. We’ve also included a range of links to other resources for individuals and their carers to support and develop both mental and physical health.

The SHAPE programme is a physical health intervention offered to individuals receiving mental health treatment. The 12 week intensive exercise and lifestyle therapy programme provides education and discussion on healthy lifestyle behaviours and exercise. Health care providers can access all the SHAPE materials on our secure access area and then adapt them to fit your local service area. We can also advertise your local SHAPE programme on this website. To access these materials, just register on our secure access area.

We welcome your feedback, so please contact us if you require any more information.